Desert Sparrow is Kylie Adams and Dave Carreno, respectively hailing from the beaches of Sydney, Australia and Dana Point, CA. Blending their eclectic love for ‘60s rock n’ roll, folk, spaghetti westerns, and surf rock, Desert Sparrow spin narratives out of the solitude, hardship and perseverance on the desert roads and coastlines of California. 

Before meeting each other, Adams began as a pianist, but quietly fell in love with singing after being raised on Stevie Nicks songs. After losing a bet years later to a friend and singing karaoke to a packed restaurant, Adams realized her calling as a singer/songwriter. Meanwhile, Carreno was similarly a late bloomer, buying a guitar at 21 after seeing Black Rebel Motorcycle Club perform.  

After meeting at a Coachella Kylie and Dave began playing together in earnest at friends’ parties. At a particularly fateful performance at a birthday party, the duo were encouraged to begin writing and performing their own songs more. Since then, Desert Sparrow set their sights on Los Angeles, assembling a backing band and have recently released their new single, "Gold Dust Woman".