Desert Sparrow are a Los Angeles based indie rock band hailing from the beaches of Sydney, Australia. Kylie Adams and Dave Carreno began their musical journey together by playing covers at local open mics in 2013 before forming their own creative path into songwriting. Their main artistic influences are 60’s rock n roll, folk, spaghetti western, and surf. The result is a narrative experience which paints images of solitude, hardship and perseverance on backgrounds of desert roads and California coastlines. Desert Sparrow draws inspiration from bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine, BRMC, and Angus & Julia Stone. 

Before meeting each other, Kylie began playing piano at the age of 5 and later fell in love with singing after hearing Stevie Nicks constantly playing from her parents’ stereo. Writing poetry and singing in her bedroom was always her way of releasing emotions behind closed doors, yet she never had the intention of taking it to the stage. After losing a bet to a friend, Kylie found herself singing karaoke in a packed restaurant one night and never looked back. Dave’s interest in music came later, buying a guitar at 21 after seeing BRMC perform for the 1st time. It was the song “Fault Line” that made him understand how powerful an acoustic guitar and harmonica performance can be. A few years later, he met an English friend traveling who gave him a copy of ‘Definitely Maybe’ by Oasis, and it was in that exact moment he knew he wanted to start a band and pursue music professionally. 

After recording their debut EP ‘Leave This Town’ in 2014, the band decided to venture over to Los Angeles. There, they released a 2nd EP titled ‘City of Dreams’ in 2016. It was self-produced and recorded with Mark Rains at Station House Studio. ‘City of Dreams’ steps further into their versatility as songwriters, which Sean McCauley of MondoTunes describes “Sonorous, rural, and with roots wrapped deep in the rock n roll tradition, City of Dreams is an EP sure to resonate with fans of many music genres.” 

The band recently finished recording their new single “Drive” with Clay Blair at Boulevard Recording, which is out now.